Thursday, April 1, 2010

sandwich bag easter carrots

so tomorrow is owen's easter party at moms-day-out. and in true kelli fashion {read procrastinator} that makes tonight the perfect time to whip up a special treat for the little monkey & his classmates! i thought these little easter carrot treats were super cute and love that they are candy-free. 

but those cake decorating bags are a little pricey so i came up with a way to make them out of sandwich bags & curling ribbon.

here's the how-to: 
cut or tear the fold of a fold lock top sandwich bag. 
fold the bag into a triangle with the opening at the top.
add a piece of scotch tape.
now your cone shaped sandwich baggie is ready to fill! 
add a twist tie and green curling ribbon to finish off the carrot.

happy easter! 

He is not here; 
He has risen, 
just as He said. 
matthew 28:6


  1. good sister. just hooked me up with my Easter treats for the neighbors. and i'm pretty sure we have a Sam's Club stash of goldfish for all.

  2. mmmm. i hope you made one for me too.

  3. why is it that you live in KC again? why not the big Derb so we can get together and do fun things that you come up with...ha ha ha. love your craftiness. see you soon!