Saturday, September 26, 2009

paper lantern sports balls

when we moved owen to a big boy room last fall, i used a lot of ideas from rate my space to decorate his sports themed room. i came across a space with this great sports ball light fixture made from paper lanterns. i couldn't get my hands on the only one i could find, made by home interiors, so i made my own!

i ordered 4 lanterns to make the 4 sports balls-
large orange round: basketball
large brown oval: football
large white round: soccer ball
small white round: baseball

jay helped me pencil & tape the designs off w/masking tape, then i just took a paint pen to each one to turn them into sports balls! we hooked them up using a triple socket cord kit (the baseball does not have a light) and staggered the heights from the ceiling. the light is so fun & different & owen loves them as much as we do!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

an overnight visit

Owen went for an overnight visit (all by himself!) to Grandpa Del & Gran's house. I was doing okay but then lost it- you'll see why! He's just so cute!

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My mom and dad came to visit for Labor Day and graciously dropped Owen off at the farm on their way home. We met in Emporia the next day to exchange the precious cargo. :) Owen had a great time and has great memories from his visit with Grandpa Del & Gran!

Mom's Day Out

First Day of Mom's Day Out
Sept 5, 2009

Owen's "school" started this week. He goes one day a week from 9:30-2:30. This is the same Mom's Day Out that he went to last year, just a different class. His class gets to go to music, make a craft, play outside and nap on a cot. Last year he would say he wanted to go to school and be fine until we got to his room. This year he goes right in and starts playing- big improvement! He especially loves the play food and kitchen. His cousin (really a second cousin, once removed but we just keep it simple and call her "cousin" :)) Alicia is also in his class. They are great friends. Owen's teachers this year are Ms. Joan and Ms. Wink. We think he is going to have a great year!

Owen's teacher told him he could put on
his own name tag. He chose the inside of
his leg. Gotta love 3 year olds.

Just for fun, here is a picture of him on his first day last year. I peek in his classroom from last year and those kids look like babies!

First Day of Mom's Day Out
August 2008
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