Sunday, January 3, 2010

call me crazy...

part of my efforts to get organized in twenty ten:

compiling all of my coupons into a spreadsheet to print for my grocery shopping trips. this first input is a doozy but after this i am going to be organized-- shopping knowing what i have and finally using my coupons before they expire!


  1. I have something like this. And it's in google docs too. now i get to use my coupon organizer next time i go.

    i actually went through the aisles of dillon's one day writing down what was in each aisle that i might need, and my shopping list is organized accordingly.

  2. You might not remember me; I went to JBU :-). I just came across your blog from the Roebuck remote and you have a ton of great ideas!

    I follow a blog ( and the blogger does this each week and offers to email it. So that might save you some time :-).