Tuesday, December 8, 2009

meeting santa.

looking at these pictures you would think that i drug him up there by his ear to sit on santa's lap. but i didn't. his thinking was that if he didn't tell santa his christmas wishes that santa won't know what he wants and won't bring him any presents for christmas.

it's not owen's personality to sit on santa's lap so the night before he practiced what he would say with daddy pretending to be santa. owen had fun playing at crown center's crayola christmas land and would even snatch a glance at santa every once in awhile. he cried his way up to santa's lap. santa was very sweet and just kept saying, "don't cry. santa loves you." finally owen calmed down enough to tell him his name & his wish list but he never did look at santa. :) he told santa that he wants a "motorcycle and a game" (a crayola 3D glow dome). thanks to my friend kim for snapping some shots of the tearful event!

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