Monday, August 12, 2013

first day of first grade

he was so nervous! it was rainy so we had to wait until after school to take our annual picture by the front door. wyatt was still asleep (8 o'clock is early!) so jay stayed home with him while kate & i took owen to school. and we forgot his teacher's gift in the car! i didn't get a picture but it was a little metal bucket that said "wishing you a colorful year!" with all colors of new sharpies inside. (he took it on day 2 instead.)

he was almost teary eyed when we walked in and i was afraid he was going to lose it! (kinda like he did just 2 months ago when i dropped him off for the first day of vbs.) between the chatty little girl next to him & the playdoh on his desk (he was to supposed to make something that he did this summer. he made a basketball since bball camp was the highlight of his year!) he shook off the teary eyes.

when i picked him up from school and he said it was "awesome". by day 2 he was already chasing girls at recess. uh oh!!

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