Sunday, July 15, 2012

lego "everything" party

owen is 6! and he is quite the LEGO fanatic. he likes it all- lego star wars, lego ninjago, lego batman- and couldn't pick just one lego theme for his party. so, he decided he wanted a "LEGO everything" party :)
ninjago pinata made from a gift bag- spray painted black, yellow paper eyes, filled with candy and stapled shut. the easiest pinata ever! the backdrop is a $2.50 pack of wrapping paper from the LEGO store along with a homemade birthday banner.

since the party was in the backyard, instead of having everyone come through the house, my sister made this sign for the front door to let them know where to go. 

the "lego brick road" was just construction paper legos in a path to the back gate.

lego star wars light sabers- cut pool noodles in half & covered one end with shiny silver duck tape. the boys loved these! each party guest took one home as part of their party favors.

i only planned one game which worked out great because the kids really just wanted to play with the light sabers! for this game, "mr. freeze" froze batman & robin in ice. the boys had to use water guns to melt the ice away and free the toys. there were 2 blocks of ice, one with batman & one with robin frozen inside. we had 2 waterguns & 2 teams relaying to try to free their toy the fastest.

pinata time! they took one whack at the pinata with their light saber then the next time around they used a real pinata stick. we knew that light saber wasn't going to do the trick but this way ensured everyone at least one turn!

the favor bags doubled as sacks for the pinata candy. favors were the pinata candy, the light saber, a lego club magazine (free at our lego store) and chocolate lego brick candy.

cake time! owen told me what he wanted his cake to look like. it's a little hard to tell from the pictures but lego minifigures are holding the happy birthday candles. and luke skywalker, his favorite, got to hold the important # 6 :)

the cupcakes were decorated with chocolate lego pieces that i made from a candy mold.

mmm... cake! levi & logan approve!

 happy birthday sweet boy!

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