Thursday, June 17, 2010

baseball birthday party

the day of the party it rained and rained - and rained- but finally stopped about 3:30 and the sun shone for the rest of the day!  the ball field was too muddy to use, but the kids were still able to get in a game of baseball in the grass. we had a great time celebrating owen with some of our good friends. here are some pictures from the happy day!

the banner was re-purposed from the cars movie party. i just cut off oliver's name & switched out 
the checkered flag pennants for blue felt with baseball stickers.

the menu was simple ball park food- hot dogs, chips, watermelon & pop. i hoped to do fruit kabobs but was short on time and settled for watermelon slices instead. eating out of hamburger baskets (target dollar spot) added some fun! 

the birthday boy!

party favors in brown paper sacks: 
a box of cracker jacks, mini frisbee, hostess baseball cake, baseball tattoo, a squishy baseball


  1. another cool party. go ahead and start planning Caden's for me :)

  2. yet again, you knock one out of the park. lol.

  3. *Gasp* I've never seen baseball hostess cakes before. Wish I saw these before t-ball season ended.

    Love your invitations too :)

  4. you are too it all. and it has your creative flair. looks like a fun time was had by all!