Wednesday, November 11, 2009


our sweet baby kate is one today


she is joy and light and promise and surprise and laughter and love.
we adore God for choosing us to love and care for her during our time on earth.
happy birthday kate!


  1. sweet baby kate. love all the pics. my google reader is a month behind...just saw this today!

  2. Mine is also a month behind. Too funny! Love that cute Kate. I'm going to use one of her pics for my photog blog in the header!

  3. oh goodness. my GR is behind too! maybe it's just your blog. i was thinking that I was a bad auntie for not calling! cute pictures.

    love the quote from owen about the chocolate milk. hehe.

  4. i'm the one a month behind girls! i want things to be chronological here so i backdated this post (is that the right bloggy term?). next up, party pics!

  5. btw, miss A.T.-- so honored that kate will make the blog! you should have charged me more than gas money for that christmas pic! but hopefully it will bring you lots and lots of business!